Siang Pure Red Formula Medicated Oil – 3ml

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Siang Pure Oil Red (Original formula) is an extra-strength liniment that is specially formulated with herbal ingredients to provide:

  • Quick and effective relief to pain and discomfort from muscle ashes, joint pain redness and itchiness from insect bites.
  • Can used to get soothing relief from dizziness, headache, motion sickness and stuffy nose.


Siang Pure Oil Red – is a combination of natural herbal ingredient that truly works to relive many bodily discomforts, aches and pain.

It is a pharmaceutical composition of herbal medicines used in the daily self medication to treat Asians and Westerners as athletes who use massage in the comfort of muscle and anointing to relive tendons and oints that health professional who use it as massage oil.


Inhale for relief of dizziness and faint, rub over for relief of flatulency, cramp, sprains, muscle pain and insect bites.


Apply effected area and massage gently.


Do not taken orally. only for external used. Keep away from child. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

Storage: Store in a dry place.

Ingredient (100ml): 

Menthol – 38.6g; Cinnamon oil – 0.5ml; Peppermint oil – 39.6ml; Clove oil – 0.5ml; Camphor – 6.9g;

Origin: Bertram Chemical (1982) C0. Ltd., Thailand.

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